VLC for Mobile App Reviews

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Why ?!!

I can not even understand the problem with this app . As it was mentioned on many other reviews , it used to work great but now it is just ruined with a lot of bugs . J can not even open a subtitle file for a movie . I don’t know if it is a problem with the file format or not . Please make it okay with the subs or at least make a UI to add subtitle files !!!

Issue importing from iCloud Drive

There’s a new issue after the update. No videos from the iCloud Drive is imported. The app doesn’t work properly anymore. Fix it fast please!!!!! I use it for lecture videos for studying (Update): still no fix. No video gets imported


Ok, so it gets 4 stars instead of 5 because of the “Copy” functionality that stopped working, its an amazing app and it can play anything on your iPad, iPhone and AppleTV (the watch can be use to remote control it). Please give me back the “copy” feature that would allow me to copy from any “cloud” to the app, great feature that stopped working.

This APP is a gem, but needs lapidary

A lot of bugs! Dont allows organization of your files in subfolders and dont allows you to play all you library in shuffle! Please, correct it and I will give five stars! I donate to VLC every year but some simple things the app still dont do, I don’t understand...

Doesn’t Work With My Bluetooth Headphones

I like this app, but it won’t work with my Bluetooth headphones for some reason. I have the Jaybird Run headphones....

“Theme of VLC“

We want to set more themes on vlc . Boring style —— we want gallery style vlc with new look

Does not fill iPhone X screen after iOS 11.3 update...

This is my go to app on all operating systems. But for some reason since I’ve updated to iOS 11.3 when trying to fill the screen it just stretches the picture up and down with black bars on the side. Please fix this!




This is the best app for transfere pc video or image to iphone !

iPhone X Removed Crop to Full Screen

On iPhone X, one can’t watch videos (specifically 1280x720) in Crop to Full Screen anymore. This app does have potential...

iCloud problems

Can’t open files from iCloud

Used to love this app, but stopped working properly.

This app used to work great. I use this app regularly to watch class lectures I’ve downloaded to my laptop. I used to be able to easily upload the video files to my iCloud or airdrop them to my iPad and then just copy them to my VLC library. I think the problem may have occurred following an iPad update a few months ago, but since then I only have the option to “open” a video in VLC rather than copy it, and that doesn’t even work. The app opens and the video neither play nor appears in the library. I’ve even tried grabbing my file through the cloud services on the app as well with just as little success. I also tried deleting and re-installing the app. Nothing. The only way to get videos into the app now is to connect my iPad to the laptop and use iTunes, which I find highly inconvenient. It takes longer and I hate using iTunes. Please fix this!!


I love VLC on my GNU/Linux computers and when I received my first iPad it was a given for me to install it straight away. Unfortunately the versions for Apple products are not the full featured awesome programs seen on other operating systems. I am still waiting for the ability to easily create a playlist and other things as seen on other OS versions.

Buggy as Hell

Will constantly freeze or just not play video at all, even small .avi files. Would not recommend

Unable to play media on IPad or IPhone

Used to be able to select a media file from ‘files’ on my ipad and iPhone and copy it to/play it through VLC. But the last few weeks it has not allowed me to do so. Is there a fix or way around this? Very frustrating!

Videos gone but....

I deleted a video and of all sudden a bunch of videos are missing but when I sync thru wifi with my laptop it shows that the videos are there....whats going on....help...

Does not seem to work with Dropbox

I had no difficulty accessing my media files from Box.com, however VLC goes into a login loop when I try to use it to access my Dropbox account...

Bizarrely buggy, but kinda works.

Once a video has been put into a folder, the app refuses to let me move it to any other folder — the button is completely grayed out. Also, if you delete a video within a folder, it takes you out of the folder entirely, and there are some audio/general playback issues.

Display settings

After last update the display became small on iPhone X pls update the display settings

Doesn’t support picture in picture

A very average player

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