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Awesome works amazing

Great player

iPhone X No More Crop to Full Screen

On iPhone X, one can’t watch videos in Crop to Full Screen anymore. This app does have potential...

2 issues

Too often when you play a video the screen freezes with audio still playing. its annoying having to close and play again to have it work. Also the"fit screen" option only stretches the display to the sides and not actually fill the screen.

File Order Bug

So I’m using VLC to watch old TV shows, which I’ve transferred to my iPad. Works pretty well with one BIG developer fail (in my opinion). When you transfer files into VLC, they just go into the folders in some random order. I made the file names start with the episode number, simple 1, 2, 3, thinking the files would appear alphabetically. They don’t. When I started using the app months ago, you could hit the “edit” button and slide the files into order, but if you came back a couple days later they’d be “randomized” again (8, 2, 11, 7, 3). Now, after a couple of updates, you can’t even edit the order anymore. If you hit “edit” you still get the sliders, but the files refuse to move. So... if you want to put some shows on your iPad and watch them, you have to hunt & hunt through the whole folder to find the next episode, and hope you have the right one. PLEASE you guys, fix this, it’s a pain in the butt!

Great For Traveling

Needs work though. Album Art doesn’t always show up on flac files, no matter how you transfer the files to your iPad. Besides that one bug, the app is great though. Audio quality is excellent. One really nice feature is that when you are playing a video, and your Bluetooth headphones produce a lag between the video and audio tracks, you can tune out the lag. The Amazon video player doesn’t have that feature so I’ve actually gone back to ripping DVDs and using VLC to load them onto my iPad. VLC is great for traveling when you can’t depend on WiFi.

iPhone X No More Crop to Full Screen

On iPhone X, one can’t watch videos in Crop to Full Screen anymore.

The app is great. Loving the updates.

Loving the latest update. The ability to use the control centre/ lock screen to scrub the playback time is great &a a must-have feature. Just sort of a bug report here: I still seem to run into the issue of a 1-2 second lag though if I lock my device while audio media is playing. I can confirm this is happening with both .flac & mp3 filetypes. Its sort of hard to explain that... but its like a really quick stutter that happens when I lock my device with audio playing. Hopefully it can be fixed.. Thanks vlc devs.


It does what I need and a little bit more however I’ve noticed it uses quite a bit of battery...


It will be good if can show the subtitles✌???

iPhone X Support

Is quite poor and not well thought out. When you have FaceID / TouchID / Passcode on. When your watching media horizontal the moment you get a notification, check the notification or widget screen. Everything freezes up almost. It has asked for FaceID outside of the app (was watching then replied to a message) but being horizontal it doesn’t register and keeps asking me for FaceID or passcode until I force quit OR I switch to vertical. Let it register and then exit out and return. Frustrating. Mostly get (can not play XYZ video or sound codec) yet it still plays but I get an error message that often doesn’t disappear until multiple attempts have been made. Networked media isn’t useable / possible for 98.9% of my library. App needs polish. It’s quite ugly on the iPhone X. Take a look at say other media services/players. Retrieve local or internet based fan art/cover art/trailers/and descriptions/meta instead of using a cropped image in a list format. 03/14/19

Same complaints as usual...

Some videos will mess up, where the sound will play and the video slider will move like normal, but the actual video will not play, however playing the video at 80% speed lets it play, PLEASE FIX THIS! Ran into another video which seems fine for the first frame but soon turns into a garbled mess, please fix. Add an option in setting that starts videos with looping enabled automatically or have videos remember if looping was enabled and keep it on when closing and opening the app. They dont read iOS reviews btw, Ive barely had to edit this review between several big updates...

Text files broken UPDATE

Todays version 3.0.3 claims to have fixed the text file jumping to VLC problem. It still happens. Removing a star for being lied to. _________________ Original review: The latest 3.0 update with files integration is great, except that I cannot view text files anymore as VLC hijacks them for whatever reason. Any time I try to open a .txt file within the files app, I get bounced over to VLC. And nothing happens. I cant view text files anymore, so until this is fixed, this app is not getting a good rating and its being removed from my phone. Its like google drive all over again. So far I see no bug reports on the matter. Disappointing.

Minor issues such as "your input cant be opened"

Works fine while phone is unlocked. However, it gives an error message after starting a song then locking phone. After unlocking, VLC gives error saying: "VLC is unable to open the MRL file:///var/mobile/containers/data/application/A4DA69AB-1686-452A-8588-0C81B1DBC809/Documents/11.%20Amour.mp3. Check the log for details." Also unable to check said log


Best video player ever though it drains battery really quick ? But still the best ??


Make this app like android will be best app on apple.

Chrome cast

Thanks for providing such a fantastic app. And free!!! Any plans to add Chrome cast capability? As far as I know the windows version has such capability?

Still missing Chromecasr

As good as it is without the ability to cast to a tv this app is severely crippled.

Great with one Bug

3/13/18 I Love using this app, it Definitively plays every media format and the controls are intuitive. BUT since the Last update whenever i Hit pause on a Video and Leave the VLC app to do something else for a minute, when i come back to the VLC app, the Play button No Longer works. I have to back out of the video to the episodes List and hit the video again. Please Fix this


Ive been using this app for quite some time on my desktop and laptop computers and have been very happy with it. This version is no exception. It difficult to overstate the usefulness of this program to me. Thank you, devs, for bringing this high quality app to iOS!

Good, but

Would love the ability to rearrange or sort media.

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